Our Story

How it all started...

From getting ready for halftime shows with the Johnson C. Smith University Marching Band to making sure there was enough money to purchase books, founder Frank Johnson knows firsthand the importance of receiving financial support to stay in school. For Mr. Johnson, however, a life-altering event would cause him to make a decision that he later wanted no other HBCU student to experience.  Approaching his senior year in college, Mr. Johnson had to make the tough decision to drop out of college and help take care of his family due to his father becoming ill. Since his father paid for his tuition, Mr. Johnson, was not eligible to receive financial aid and therefore was not able to obtain his degree.  Several years later, Frank Johnson decided that no other student will have to make the same decision he once made.

In 2018, Mr. Johnson along with his wife, La Keisha Johnson, founded HBCU Culture Legacy Foundation 501(c)3 to provide financial support for our HBCU institutions and students. Since 2018, HBCU Culture Legacy Foundation has provided over $1.9 Million in scholarships and educational experiences to over 5,000 students.

HBCU Culture celebrates the history of HBCUs and their impact on communities while giving tribute to their legacy for years to come.